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Let our brands help to make a lasting impression

Whenever your customer is searching for the perfect gift, make sure to include our extended brand portfolio in your offer. Brands are known to bring a sense of trust, emotional value, and a consistently positive experience.

They create a strong connection between two parties. This is why we offer an extended brand portfolio of well-known brands. Brands you can rely on, brands that you can trust.


CamelBak was established in 1989 and specialises in hydration products. They design and manufacture water bottles, reservoirs, and packs for outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and everyday use.

Case Logic

For almost 40 years, Case Logic has developed bags and cases for handheld electronic devices. Beginning with just two audiocassette storage cases, they expanded the growing field of audio storage.


Founded in 2006, Elevate was selected as the active wear for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Brand clothing should be elevated in people’s preference, and this is Elevate’s philosophy.


Designed in Canada, Herschel is renowned for its stylish backpacks and accessories. Their products seamlessly blend fashion and functionality, attracting travelers and individuals worldwide.


The HidrateSpark® bottle glows to remind you to drink more water throughout the day and pairs via Bluetooth® with an app to track every sip. Clinically proven to promote healthy hydration habits.


JournalBooks notebooks are available in different designs from a hard cover to a soft one with an elastic closure and a pocket at the back. The notebooks are ideal for writing and sharing notes.


Karst® is a sustainable stationery brand that creates eco-friendly notebooks and paper products using recycled stone. Their minimalist design promotes environmental responsibility.


Luxe designs premium quality products from umbrellas to writing essentials. Whenever you are escaping the rain or brainstorming at a desk, Luxe products make you look stylish and sophisticated.


Marksman offers notebooks, pens, and umbrellas. Anything needed for developing your creativity, knowledge and brainstorming ideas or sheltering from the rain, Marksman has on hand.


Mepal has been producing smart products to store and take along food and drinks since 1950. Products that replace single-use plastic products and in which leftovers are perfectly preserved.

Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle is a B Corp certified reusable bottle brand launched in 2019. Every Ocean Bottle sold, funds the collection of 1,000 ocean-bound plastic bottles in weight before they reach the water.


For over a century, Parker has continuously built upon a legacy of craftsmanship, making the Parker name synonymous with excellence in Fine Writing. All Parker pens are made with durability in mind.


Prixton is specialised in consumer electronics with a goal to put technologically advanced and innovative products within everyone’s reach, making people’s daily lives more comfortable.


Roly specializes in clothing and casual textiles for products such as jackets, t-shirts, and various other apparel, with collections ranging from casual summer/winter, accessories to workwear, school, and sports.


Created in 2017, SCX.design specialises in the design and creation of innovative products. SCX.design develops premium products featuring a light-up logo effect.


CamelBak was established in 1989 and specialises in hydration products. They design and manufacture water bottles, reservoirs, and packs for outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and everyday use.


Launched in 1964, Sharpie® invented the permanent marker category and continues to push the boundaries of what permanent markers can do. Sharpie® is incredibly versatile and can be found everywhere.


Tekiō® is a mindful selection of modern consumer technology applications to fulfil current consumer needs to work remotely on multiple types of mobile devices at home and on-the-go.


Thule, founded in 1942, is a renowned Swedish brand specialising in outdoor and transportation equipment. Thule offers versatile bags and luggage for adventurers and travelers worldwide.


Crafted in France, Waterman pens embody a Parisian style and grace that has defined elegance since 1883. Waterman is dedicated to making its pens the perfect balance of beauty and innovation.


Wellmark was founded in 2017 with the vision of developing luxury body and home products (hand soap, bath salts, and scented candles) that are vegan, as well as making a social contribution to society.


Moleskine is an Italian brand founded in 1997, renowned for its premium notebooks. Over the past few decades, many artists have used these journals to unleash their creativity and knowledge.